Everybody's got one.

A story, that is.

There’s not a person you will ever meet who isn’t telling some kind of story with their lives. As Christ-followers we’re telling a story with our lives, too. 

Our story is a divine story; One that’s being written through our daily actions, our devotions, our disappointments, our dreams, and most essentially, our faith.

It’s an epic tale penned by God Himself. Scripture trumpets this truth: “All my days were written in your Book before one of them came to be.” In the New Testament Jesus is called the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Imagine that - Christ as the Ultimate Author, and, we – part of the story He is telling.

So, as believers, exactly how do we manage to tell a better story with our lives? How do we interact with the characters, friendly and otherwise, that we encounter? How do we adjust when we’re blindsided by a plot-twist we didn’t see coming? How do we reflect the Author in the nitty-gritty of everyday life? And, finally, how do we encourage others to see the divine fingerprints evident their own stories?

That’s the journey I am passionate about taking with God’s women. As a teacher, story-teller, and dramatist, I want to encourage us all to dare to tell a Better story with our lives.

Ready to jump in?
Ready to turn the page?
Ready to tell a better story with your life?




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