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Thirsty for More: Discovering God's Unexpected Blessings in a Desert Season

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When it comes to our connection with God, we dread "dry seasons," when we feel far from our life-sustaining Creator and redeemer. We want to dwell in lush valleys, not wander in trackless deserts. And yet, during the first three centuries of the church, many men and women purposefully moved into deserts to seek God. They understood something that we have missed: a desert is not a place of vast nothingness, but a place where we can truly experience God's provision, restoration, and intimacy.

"I love this book. It's an honest, refreshing look at the seasons in life when we wonder where God is." Sheila Walsh, cohost of LIFE Today and author of It's Okay Not to Be Okay

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"I love this book. It's an honest, refreshing look at the seasons in life when we wonder where God is. Allison reminds us that even when the ground feels dry, God is on the move."

Sheila Walsh
cohost of LIFE Today and author of It's Okay Not to Be Okay


"If you need a friend to encourage you onward, if you thirst for honest and divine insights for navigating this dry season, you've come to the right place. Soak in every word. You'll be refreshed and encouraged in the process."

Susie Larson
radio host, bestselling author, national speaker


"In my experience, the 'veil gets thinner' during desert seasons, allowing us to see God more clearly. My dear friend Allison expounds on that theme so beautifully in Thirsty for More that you may just find yourself longing for a little more sand in your life!"

Lisa Harper
bestselling author and Bible teacher



The Author

Allison Allen is the author of Shine. A graduate of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, she appeared in approximately 650 performances of the Broadway production of Grease. A former Women of Faith dramatist and current Bible teacher, she speaks to women at conferences and retreats around the country, exploring themes of purpose, value, and identity in original and unexpected ways. She lives with her family in Tennessee.